We have found that agoraphobia, including all gradations, is a common enough problem, but the amount of people seeking such treatment isn’t high (so not something we tend to advertise we work with). People suffer from it for years. Many seek out ways to suppress symptoms, such as w/psychotropic medications. None exist that cure a person for this condition, so suppression is the best these can do.

The biggest frustration for therapists who are good at treating it is that it is soooo treatable, yet so few people feel it is worth the time & money to get it truly treated, but instead they spend years or decades dealing with it….

If someone is doing very well in life, except for this, then if they get therapy for it and make full use of the therapy, it should be treated and cured in under ten sessions. On the other hand, if it is but a symptom of a larger issue, then a combination of some treatment for the agoraphobia plus treating the underlying issue should take care of it.

-Sam Schaperow, MSMFT, LMFT


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